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Data & Analytics Lead

Salary Details:
Up to £60,000 per annum
19 Dec 2021
About The Role

Ecotricity, the UK’s first true green energy provider, has a strong internal data engineering team supporting and developing Databricks on AWS, SQL, and Power BI centric cloud solutions. This technical hands-on role, of Data & Analytics Lead, will champion and develop a small team, oversee delivery of projects, BAU, and help Ecotricity become more efficient by leveraging our data. Working in the Technology department, you’ll be a valued contributor to senior management whilst simultaneously earning your position as the ‘go-to’ technical guru in the data team.  

About You

You will have a passion for developing data solutions, open-source, and cloud services. Handling data in any format, including relationships, structuring and how it is best stored will come naturally to you. We will support you, but you will have your own vision and not need to be led. You will lead, striving for best practice and excellence by default. You will have a demonstrable technical skill set and a track record of line management, but your engineering skills are paramount. Knowledge of the Energy industry would be a bonus, but not necessary. 

You will be comfortable working with project managers and product owners, keeping stakeholders and management continually informed, presenting and demoing solutions routinely. You will be an outward facing member of our team working with non-technical departments, so you’ll have good communication skills and a willingness to be seen. 

What you will do

Our data platform is predominantly Databricks on AWS with an S3 Data Lake and related AWS technologies. We also use SQL, Python, APIs, and various ETL solutions interfacing with a small number of legacy systems. Our Analytics team uses PowerBI for charting and dashboarding.  
  • Leadership of a small team of Data Engineers and Data Analysts, including:  
    • Active, hands on, development of data pipelines yourself and with your team. 
    • Guidance and some hands on development with your BI/Analytics and SQL team. 
  • Take ownership for delivering all asks made of your team on time and to specification.  
  • Build strong relationships with key stakeholders outside the department.  
  • Be responsible for data quality and ensuring problems are resolved swiftly.  
  • Identify and seek out technical debt, aiming to reduce this at each opportunity. 
  • Work with your team and senior leadership to define and document our data strategy and processes.  Lead organisational awareness of technical best practice. 
  • Overall responsibility for ensuring that faults are resolved swiftly, and background processes are robust and actively monitored.  
  • Seek day to day opportunities to upskill the members of your team to your level.  
  • Look after the welfare and support of all members of your team, including regular 121 meetings, assisting objectives setting and managing their workload. 
  • Escalate to Head of Business Applications where appropriate. 

    Knowledge and skills

  • Highly experienced as a Senior Data Engineer. 
  • Relational, NoSQL and graph databases.    
  • PowerBI and MS Excel for data visualisation/manipulation.   SQL and Python languages for data analysis.   
  • AWS  
    • Databricks, S3 Data Lake, DMS, Glue,  
    • Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, Lambda  
  • BitBucket / GitHub. 
  • Azure Devops. 
  • Azure SQL. 
  • Linux. 
  • Bash, Powershell. 
  • Gnu Make.  
  • Grafana  (Advantageous)
  • Atlassian toolset in Jira, Confluence  (Advantageous)
  • Salesforce integration and architectural experience (Advantageous)

About the team

The Ecotricity Technology department is a small friendly team with a strong focus on getting results, with everyone committed to delivering both individually and as part of the group/project.

We have a good work life balance, with the management team typically being in the office two or three days a week and working from home on other days.

We’re proud to be an ethical company, and this naturally attracts ethical people, making for a good safe working environment and a team that works and wins together. We also have a competitive benefits package and chose to invest in our people whenever we can. 

About Us
Ecotricity is Britain’s greenest energy company. When we started back in 1995, we were the first company in the world to supply a new kind of electricity – the green kind.
Our mission was and remains to change the way energy is made and used in Britain – by replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy.We don’t just supply green energy, we use the money from our customers’ bills to make it ourselves too – we build windmills and sun parks in Britain. We call this ‘bills into mills’. In 2021, we’re starting work on building two new solar parks, and in 2022 we’re bringing geothermal energy to our customers’ fuel mix, a first in the UK. We’re also developing green gas mills which will generate 100% green gas from a source that will never run out – grass.
We don’t just focus on energy though – we built the Electric Highway, Britain’s leading network of electric vehicle charge points, we helped Forest Green Rovers become the greenest football club in the world, and, in partnership with RSPB, we launched Britain’s greenest mobile phone service, Ecotalk + RSPB.