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Pricing and Commercial Manager

Salary Details:
Competitive + benefits
Advertising End Date:
10 Dec 2018
About The Role
This is a key position at Ecotricity as within it lies overall responsibility for pricing – pricing our tariffs, B2B offerings, and PPAs. Moreover, there is a need to be able to think strategically in this role about how prices are likely to evolve from an energy perspective, but in particular with non-energy costs. On the domestic side, with the onset of the price cap, and smart meter deployment, this role is a key influencer on price cap strategy and how we manage that will be a critical factor in influencing our domestic sales growth. Another critical factor will be how we evolve domestic pricing in response to the opportunities afforded by the smart meter rollout, in particular with respect to the viability, and design of time of day tariffs.
What you will do

-Managing a team of four analysts, and developing their functionality, and skillset.  With respect to Pricing, the team is responsible for:

-Accountable for provision of timely and accurate pricing for Business Sales for routine and bespoke ad hoc requests, within margin/risk strategies.
-Regular reviewing and development of the tariff options Ecotricity sells, and presenting regularly on this to board members. 
-Accountable for continuing to build process structure for niche customer groups.
-Continuously improvement and developing risk analytics and methodology, and advise Head of Trading.
-Accountable for continued development of quote summarisation systems in SQL to track and report on Quoting + provide accurate customer lists
-Continue the evolution of the CAPE pricing system
-Liaise with Business Sales and improve their understanding of gas & power pricing dynamics.
-Strategic planning/analysis for growth/margin strategies on the business portfolio.
With respect to the commercial analysis function, the team:

-Responsible for the delivery of a wide ranging team reporting framework.
-Development and operational delivery of the profitability model for the entire supply business, meeting the requirements of the finance department and senior management.
-Ensuring management of the energy supply cost stack is historically verified, and forecast accurately for the purposes of profitability modelling and quoting.
-Provide input into the budget process for The Renewable Energy Company
-Conduct commercial analysis on any ad-hoc projects.
-Continuous involvement in bespoke commercial modelling activities for the diverse Ecotricity Group, and being a major stakeholder in strategic modelling work such as refinancing projects, new business activity etc. 

    About You
    You will have been in a pricing role with an energy supplier already and have experience in the various elements of the cost stack that go into profile class pricing and half-hourly site pricing for power, as well as having worked on gas pricing in a post Nexus world. You will mix strategic thinking with an appreciation or risk elements and the pragmatism needed to win business for a company like Ecotricity, and thus be cognizant of the business growth needs. You will be expected to demonstrate initiative in the role and be able to work and articulate issues with non-numerically focussed stakeholders.  

    You will have a back ground in analysis  with an understanding of key automation and coding frameworks, such as SQL, VBA, Python, but not necessarily extensive hands on experience. You will be aware of necessary business reporting needs around performance of different segments of the customer base and PPAs the company signs up to.

    Ideally you will have line managed before but in any case will need to demonstrate an aptitude in management skills and dealing with senior stakeholders. You will likely to have a background in energy, and quantitative skills based around a good degree level education, and a sound financial background would be advantageous (accounting, economics etc).   

    The fast moving nature of the company’s business means that from time to time you may be asked to perform roles outside your original job description on an ad hoc basis. This allows the company to utilise its people in the best possible way at all times and helps employees to make their contribution in a changing environment 


    About Us
    Ecotricity is the greenest energy company in Britain. In fact, when we started back in 1995, we were the first green electricity company in the world.

    Our mission was and remains to change the way energy is made and used – after introducing green electricity to the world, we introduced green gas to Britain in 2010 too.

    Our model is unique: we use our customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy. We like to refer to this as turning ‘bills into mills’ – energy bills into energy mills, whether that’s wind, sun, sea or gasmills.

    We’ve built over seventy wind and sun parks across Britain, we’re planning to build Britain’s first ever Green Gasmills, and through Britwind, our small wind company, we design, build and deliver small wind turbines to landowners and businesses throughout Britain and the world!

    We don’t just focus on energy though – we built and run the Electric Highway, Britain’s leading network of electric car chargepoints, we helped Forest Green Rovers become the greenest football club in the world, and launched Britain’s greenest mobile phone service, Ecotalk.

    We’re a not-for-dividend company too – which means we’re free to use the money we make for our mission and our mission alone.

    We do all of this with the help of our customers – and the awesome team of people here at Ecotricity. Our people believe in our mission – they’re amazing at what they do, and they make a difference every day they come into work.