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Head of Customer Onboarding

Salary Details:
Advertising End Date:
29 May 2020
About The Role

The overall purpose of the Head of Onboarding’s role is to allow us to welcome new domestic customers to Ecotricity with a faultless, timely set up of their account.  The incumbent is responsible for making sure these new customers can be handed over to ‘BAU’ processes with their accounts all in order, with all necessary information collected and processed, and with the customer welcomed to the brand, having been kept fully informed, with a great first impression.

There are four main sub-teams within the oversight of the Head of Onboarding:

Registration Processing

  • Amongst other duties the main task of this team is to process switches to Ecotricity that arrive with us through the online switch journey.This includes managing industry flows, making sure we have the necessary information about a customer’s meter type, serial number and so on, and doing all this efficiently so that we meet our switch guarantee and other targets.

    Domestic Telesales

  • This team receive direct enquiries from customers who want to make their switch to us over the phone.Duties include outbound calling of some sales leads and the handling of queries from potential customers, extolling the benefits of Ecotricity to them. Ecotalk sales work is also in the scope of this team.The team also process the set up of many of these new accounts.

    Home Moves

  • This team handle the communications and processing for customers who are moving house – either new customers moving into a property that we already supply (COT1s), or existing customers who want to take us with them to their new property (COT2s).It includes proactive communication with these home movers, viewing them as a ‘sales opportunity’, and also the introduction of our brand to many of them (e.g. explaining Ecotricity to ‘deemed customers’ as part of a COT1 acceptance of our green tariff).

    New Connections & Landlords Service

  • Working very closely with the New Connections Sales team, this team manage the account set up for all New Conn properties (where we coordinate the installation of a meter as part of a building project).Clients include the pre-domestic stages, when the account sits with a site developer and/or commercial landlord.Responsibility for the account stays with this team until the first successful bill to the new customer after which the customer will normally transition to BAU, although some accounts such as large landlords and ‘repeater’developers stay with this team for ongoing account support.

    Smooth handovers are absolutely key to this process:

  • Handovers within the Head of Onboarding’s sub-teams (e.g. the Landlord to Home Move relationship)
  • Handovers within the wider Growth team (e.g. from the Digital Growth team to the Contract Processing team)
  • Handovers beyond the Growth team (e.g. from any of these teams into BAU Service, domestic Billing etc).

The incumbent will need to liaise very closely and form great relationships with other Head of Department peers, both to ensure quality of handover and also to be aware of expected volumes.

What will you do?

The role includes but is not limited to:

  • Analyzing Team Processes to make them as efficient and reliable as possible.Constantly look for root causes of process weaknesses that can lead to incorrect account set-up, and remedy them.Look for automation opportunities so that we can streamline and ‘do more with less’.
  • People Leadership: keep large teams of people motivated and ‘firing on all cylinders’ every day, as we welcome new customers to our brand and mission.
  • Reporting on key KPIs that track progress of all our onboarding activity.
  • Sales and Customer Experience Coaching for teams such as Home Moves and Domestic Telesales, ensuring they deliver a great & on brand first impression to our customers.

Deliverables will include but are not limited to:

  • Achievement of Sales targets
  • Tracking reports including KPIs
  • Successful implementation of changes into the team, leading to measurable improvements in KPIs
  • Absolute minimisation of account set up errors that can lead to accounts going unbilled or cause debt
About You

If you are successful in getting this role it means that you have a real passion for our vision for a Green Britain and will bring an energetic and dynamic approach to our agenda.

You’ll be experienced in handling a diverse workload, able to spread your time and thinking across a wide range of activity.  You are both an analytical ‘process person’, and an upbeat ‘people person’, able to inspire your own team as well as be a figurehead for others across diverse teams that do not report to you.

You have excellent communication skills and are an innovative thinker, willing to try new approaches, and will be someone who really connects with our values. Read through them – if they’re not for you, then you’re not for us!


  • Outstanding Relationship skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commercial and analytical savvy: as comfortable with numbers as with concepts, with the ability to critically evaluate individual processes and projects, then synthesize their insights to arrive at a summary of overall organizational status
  • Excellent collaboration skills
  • Highly developed organizational and planning skills, including the ability to work to and meet deadlines and targets
  • High levels of energy with a ‘can do’, upbeat attitude and the fortitude to bounce back quickly from challenges
  • Technical expertise including a firm understanding of process improvement techniques and experience applying these if they are to make organizational changes
  • Leadership skills such as the ability to coach others, inspiring colleagues to give their best effort and setting the direction for many initiatives
  • Proven track record of building and maintaining great business relationships at a senior level
  • Creativity to problem solve, both in detail for programme / project solutions and high level
  • Foresight to understand risks and mitigate well ahead of time
  • A ‘customer service’ mindset (which includes wanting to do the very best for internal ‘customer colleagues’), balanced with tenacity and strength of character (and the ability to be assertive with internal colleagues if process changes up or down stream can also lead to improvements in customer onboarding).
About Us
 Ecotricity is the greenest energy company in Britain. In fact, when we started back in 1995, we were the first green electricity company in the world.

Our mission was and remains to change the way energy is made and used – after introducing green electricity to the world, we introduced green gas to Britain in 2010 too.

Our model is unique: we use our customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy. We like to refer to this as turning ‘bills into mills’ – energy bills into energy mills, whether that’s wind, sun, sea or gasmills.

We’ve built over seventy wind and sun parks across Britain, we’re planning to build Britain’s first ever Green Gasmills, and through Britwind, our small wind company, we design, build and deliver small wind turbines to landowners and businesses throughout Britain and the world!

We don’t just focus on energy though – we built and run the Electric Highway, Britain’s leading network of electric car chargepoints, we helped Forest Green Rovers become the greenest football club in the world, and launched Britain’s greenest mobile phone service, Ecotalk.